There’s an old saying that bigger is better.  There’s always a competition to be the biggest, whether it’s the biggest company, have the biggest muscles or build the biggest building, people always want to come out ahead.  There is one category where being bigger is not always better though, that category is body weight.  When someone carries to much body weight they can be considered overweight, if they carry an excess amount of body weight they are considered obese, those who carry an overly excessive amount of body weight are considered extremely obese.

In the past 40 years the prevalence of obesity has increased by over 50% in the United States 1.  As people have expanded they have begun to experience health issues related to their larger size.  These health issues have increased healthcare costs for the general population.  There are a variety of reasons for Americans growing waist lines, they range from eating habits to income levels.  Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be a single solution that will reverse this growing trend.  Some actions have been taken, but they have not been met with success.  The Facts section of the site takes a look into our growing rates and the Solutions section explores what’s been done to this point and what additional steps can be taken.

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